Sunday, June 28, 2009

Parents and Flea Markets

Well, My parents are here from Alberta. Every weekend that they've been here they go to the Cloverdale and Aldergrove flea markets. I joined them today just to spend time with them. There's a lot of crap that people sell. Rusted out junk and some things that just need to be recycled instead of sold to someone else. Anyways, my parents found a bunch of Coca-cola stuff to add to their collection and I found a couple of books. Baby Knits for beginners, by Debbie Bliss, and Head to Toe Knits.

I'm already planning on knitting some baby booties 'cause the pattern just looks so darn easy. I will bring both books to knit night this comingup week.

I'm off to do more yardwork. It's just more and more housework for the outdoors. At least the yard is looking presentable.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knit-night coffee buzz

I shouldn't have purchased a large coffee. I think I just may be up later than I wanted to be tonight. It was very nice to see everyone at knit-night. As always really random stuff was talked about and I won't elaborate on any of it.

This past week has been very uneventful. I did receive a wedding invitation from a cousin and a 50th wedding anniversary party invite. I know I won't be able to attend the wedding, but I am going to try to make arrangements for the anniversary party.

So, as requested by a few knitters... the Coles Notes version of an old pattern. I have no idea if this pattern is still under copyright because it was written on a piece of notepad paper.

Baby Toque

Cast on 63

Rows 1-8 K1 P1
Rows 9-26 K right side, P wrong side
Row 27 K1 K2tog till end
Row 28 P
Row 29 K1 K2tog
Continue until you are left with 12 sts

Cut yarn leaving a tail. Run yarn through remaining sts and pull to draw
Seam toque

I am going to try a couple of alterations to the pattern. My first will be casting on 62 and knitting a 8 row rib (K2 P2). Now that I have access to a baby toque pattern I like, I wonder if I could combine it with the fish toque.

The very last thing I can think of is that I am on Facebook again. I was neglecting my account until I was introduced to a game called Farm Town. It's addictive, but the game makes you wait to harvest crops. So far most of my neighbours are co-workers.

Anywho, off to try out the baby toque and watch some ANTM.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The blogs I'm following

Yes, I know it's been WAY to long since I have posted. I have a note by my computer that informs me to blog now.

At knit night we were talking about stuff and I mentioned a few blogs. Instead of posting the links on ravelry I'm getting y'all to read my blog. ^_^

Craftastrophe - An amazing craft blog where they show you the more interesting, funny and odd crafts that people make. I spent a good hour reading past posts.

Kittyzilla's Handmade Stuffs - I can't remember how or why I ended up at her site. All her craftyness is showcased in her blog. And you have to check out the Watchmen embrodery patterns she made.

Cake Wrecks
- I have to wonder if any of the cakes I've made could end up on this site. I won't explain much more, just have a look.

I'm going to post some others in my next blog post. It'll give me a reason to post.

At knit night I informed everyone that I am now a lead associate at work. Being promoted is nice, but I don't know how much longer I will last there. I don't want to be stuck at that job for the next 8 years. Even if I do become a manager.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Socks 'n bubbles

I need to knit more socks. The management at my work informed me today that anything other than black socks are not acceptable. Yay for dress codes. So, I informed her that I will wear black socks once I have them made. ^_^

The good thing is I have black sock yarn in my stash.

My betta has decided that he needs more than one bubble nest. He's going to be mad at me when I clean his tank tomorrow. I think I need to get him a buddy..... or a larger tank.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

I have decided to drop my old blog. I have no clue what password/email/username I had for the account so this was just easier.

With the greatest idea EVER from SilverIlix I am going to try and finish all of my WIP items before I start anything else. So, this is all of the stuffs I have on my needles or on a hook....

  • Baby blankey that was started 4 years ago
  • Crochet Octo for Rashnu and Kuts
  • Bubba's wrist warmers
  • Snoopy plushie
  • Bunny plushie
That's all for now.... I think.